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I offer a range of workshops and courses, which will be timetabled below once booked into the calendar.

Courses are available to book online via the booking page.

Any groups interested in booking a bespoke course on a date of your choosing please contact me to enquire about availability and costs.

Reiki Courses

Many people take Reiki courses for differing reasons, some wish to become practitioners, others are simply intrigued or curious and wish to know more about energy work for their own personal development and self-care.

First Degree Reiki Course
This is a one day (8 hour) introduction to Reiki, self-care and self-treatment. Introduction to the Chakras and their meanings, hand positions for self treatment, attunement to the first level of Reiki energy.

Course dates:

Second Degree Practitioner Level
An extension of First Degree, this two day course includes introduction to the 3 sacred symbols, distance Reiki, treating others, hand positions, practitioner training and attunement to second degree energy.

Please note: You do not have to want to embark on a career in Reiki to complete the second degree, however, you will need to have completed this level, with the required case studies, to qualify as a practitioner.
Both first and second degree level courses will be taught in small groups of no more than 6.

Third Degree Master
Master Practitioner Level (a) - Advanced practise, using your intuition, introduced to the Master symbol, attuned to the Master energy.
Master Teacher Level (b) - This degree is known as the Master Teacher level, is the highest level of Reiki and allows you to teach and attune others, to all degrees. When completing this level, you very much dedicate your life to the principles of Reiki.
[Each Master level course is held over one day, with additional work and assessments included.
Master courses are taught in small numbers, please enquire for a price and dates.

All the Reiki courses are written in accordance with the National Occupational Standards for Reiki and are based on the Core Curriculum Framework, developed by The Reiki Council.

All courses will be held at a suitable venue in or near Horncastle. Course fees are inclusive of any handouts, workbooks, certificates, tea, coffee and water. Please note lunches are not included but you are welcome to bring your own food.

Course fees must be paid before the course commences, anyone wishing to pay in installments can do so by arrangement, please contact me to discuss.

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