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Why Me?

My interest in various therapies was piqued following treatments to help me recover from illness.

Being the inquisitive geeky type I wanted to understand the "how" behind the therapies, I could see and feel the benefits, but I didn't understand how that was happening - anyone who knows me would understand that I would find this infuriating! So I started attending courses, firstly in Reiki as I found this fascinating and so far removed from anything I had previously encountered. The more I learned, the more the boundaries between my scientific, logical world and the emotional, spiritual world began to blur.

There are a lot of common understandings and beliefs throughout the complementary therapy world, most of which have been followed and understood since ancient times - something "modern" medicine and methods conveniently forget sometimes. I have had some great teachers and mentors, all of whom have taught me to look at things from my own perspective, allowing me to build my understanding from the logical standpoint, something I now apply to my treatments with clients to help them from their perspective.

My background in anatomy & physiology, and an interest in how the subconscious can influence us, led to me training in hypnotherapy, the training in itself proving a fascinating journey through the inner workings of the mind, including my own!

I have now added various other tools to my toolkit, including massage, hot and cold stone massage, EFT and mindfulness.

I don't believe in a one size fits all approach, we are all unique and deserved to be treated as such. My "toolkit" allows me to tailor treatments to client needs, using intuition, listening skills and empathy to understand what clients are struggling with and how best to help them understand for themselves what is going on. I am not a healer, I am a facilitator and teacher, we all have the ability to heal ourselves, we just need the knowledge.

I absolutely love working with my clients, to be able to help people change how they feel, clear their underlying issues and see them walk out with a spring in their step is something very special.

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