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Hypnotherapy with Nicky Porter

"My passion for sport is combined with my knowledge of hypnotherapy to provide a tailored approach for individual clients. I can provide motivation and performance enhancement that is 100% natural and effective.

By looking at the individual we can tackle any issues that arise, whether directly sport related or not but which can have a direct impact on performance, confidence and self-belief.”

I offer the following packages to help people wishing to quit smoking or deal with weight isses.

Weight Management
Initial in-depth consultation 3 hypnotherapy sessions Support CDs/MP3s [Sessions last between 60 and 90 mins]

Stop Smoking
Initial in-depth consultation 1 hypnotherapy session plus follow-up after 3 months Support CDs/MP3s [Sessions last between 60 and 90 mins]

Sports performance packages

Designed for sportspeople of all abilities to help improve mental attitude and performance, all packages include an initial consultation, two hypnotherapy sessions in the first month followed by one session per month, relaxation/support recordings to use between sessions as necessary, and email support.

12 month support package

6 month support package

3 month support package

Intensive Competition package

Training for a specific tournament or event?
Struggling with your mental preparation?
This package will provide a series of hypnotherapy sessions tailored to give you that final push with your preparation for competition.

Competitive Advantage
Initial in-depth consultation
3 hypnotherapy sessions
Support CDs/MP3s
[Sessions last between 60 and 90 mins]


Team package

Teamwork is vital in many sports, hypnosis has been used for over 60 years to help sports teams gain advantage over their rivals. This package is flexible and bespoke to your team’s needs. Price will be dependent on length of contract and number of sessions.

Initial in-depth consultation
Group Hypnotherapy sessions
Individual Hypnotherapy sessions
Support CDs/MP3s


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